Outpatient Drug Treatment


Outpatient drug treatment is a lower intensity alternative program to long-term inpatient treatment. These are comprehensive, multifaceted, highly individualized programs designed to address chemical dependency issues of individuals while remaining in their homes. Outpatient drug treatment is more educational than therapeutic. Outpatient drug treatment is given to those individuals who need a supportive environment. Outpatient drug treatment is mainly grouped into three: outpatient individual therapy, family therapy, and group therapy. These would include problem-solving, insight-oriented psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, 12-step program, etc. at https://inoue19thgene.wordpress.com/2017/02/10/outpatient-drug-treatment/



Outpatient drug treatment gives prominence to group and individual counseling sessions in order to achieve good results. Outpatient daytime, evening, and weekend programs are available. The program offers education on how to reenter the society after treatment, how to lead a successful drug-free life, etc., which would enable the individual to take up responsibilities in life.


The goal of outpatient drug treatment program is complete abstinence from drugs. Complete abstinence can be achieved by identifying and solving the emotional and behavioral disturbances of the individual; implementing an effective aftercare treatment plan; and learning about physiological and psychological side effects of drug addiction to the individual and family.


An outpatient drug treatment team will consist of social workers, psychiatrists, doctors, nurses, occupational therapists, mental health workers, and lawyers. They provide individual therapy, group therapy, guest lectures, recreational activities, value clarification and education, spiritual healing, etc. Participation of family and friends accelerates the process of recovery. Drug treatment program for teenagers require parental involvement, which would enable the family to create a better home environment for speedy recovery. Outpatient drug treatment is a cost effective program when compared to inpatient drug treatment. In addition to attending sessions at a facility, outpatient clients are often required to attend 12 step meetings and case management sessions.


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